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Last updated: 03-06-2024
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This guide covers the features of the RERO ILS professional interface for librarians. The guide for library patrons is found under help for the public interface.

First steps

Welcome to RERO ILS! This chapter introduces the software and its main operating principles.


Detailed guide for searching, cataloguing, lending and acquiring resources.

Setting up your library

Manage and configure your library and its organization.


Interact with the RERO ILS REST API to search and export data, or use it in other applications.

Cataloguing guide

Complete list of catalog fields (according to the LRM data model) and their MARC21 equivalents.

First steps

  1. What is RERO ILS?
  2. Using the demo website
  3. Basic principles
  4. Keyboard shortcuts
  5. Data model
  1. Understanding how search works
  2. Search for resources (simple search)
  3. Search in expert mode
  4. Search examples


  1. Circulating documents
  2. Patron account and fees
  3. Request a document
  4. Circulation notifications
  5. Circulation history
  6. Interlibrary loan

User management

  1. Register a patron/manage users
  2. Roles and permissions


  1. Cataloguing documents
  2. Use templates for cataloguing
  3. Holdings and items
  4. Files attached to documents
  5. Entities/authorities
  6. Operation history


  1. Manage orders
  2. Manage vendors
  3. Manage accounts
  4. Manage budgets

Serial management

  1. Create a serial holdings
  2. Create a prediction
  3. Manage serial issues


  1. Set up your library and locations
  2. Set up circulation policies
  3. View and export data


  1. Access JSON data (REST API)
  2. Interoperability applications
  3. Log into external services with RERO ILS (OAuth)
  4. Access MARC data (SRU)