Files attached to documents

Last updated: 04-06-2024

In addition to managing physical items, RERO ILS allows you to add files to documents. This feature can be used, for example, to manage and provide access to electronic documents from the catalog.

File features

  • Each file belongs to a library (that of the user who added the file), is linked to a document and has an editable label field (for display and sorting).
  • Image and PDF files generate a thumbnail and can be previewed directly in the application.
  • Textual content of files is indexed with language analyzers for “full text” searching.
  • If a document contains files (in any organization), these are displayed in the Get tab in both the public and professional interfaces.
  • Up to 500 files of any type (maximum 500 MB per file) can be added to a bucket. A bucket is a container that groups together the files of a document belonging to a specific library.
  • A bucket can belong to one or more “digital collections” which can be used to group together documents containing files.

Files in the “Get” tab

Adding files

In the professional interface, the document detailed view contains a Files tab which lists all the files linked to this document and belonging to the current user's active library.

  1. Use the Add file button or drag and drop files into the appropriate area (multiple files can be added at once).
  2. If an added file does not comply with the rules (maximum size, existing name, etc.), a warning is displayed.
  3. An upload progress screen appears.
  4. Once files have been added, they appear in the list (sorted in order of addition, with the most recent at the top).
  5. Modify and save the label of added files.

My library's files in the professional view

The label field

Each file is identified by a label field in the Get tab, especially in the public view.

  • The list of files in the Get tab is always sorted alphanumerically by label.
  • Large lists of files can be filtered on the basis of the label field.
  • In the Files tab, the Tab and Enter keys are used to quickly browse and save labels. Each label must be saved individually.

Set digital collections

The digital collections field is stored in the bucket and is used to group together documents containing files, for example for heritage purposes.

  1. Enter the name of the desired collections in the field and save.
  2. Links to the public view are displayed for the collections. These links can be used to take a user to a specific list of documents/files.

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