Circulation notifications

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Last updated: 03-08-2023

Various types of notification (email) can be sent by the system to alert patrons about their loans, or to inform librarians of circulation operations. For example, requests arriving at the circulation desk can be configured to be printed out automatically. Depending on the type of notification, it is possible to activate or deactivate them, as well as to configure the number of notifications, the delivery time, the channel and the default delivery address.

Type Dispatch condition Recipient Configured in Notification template
Due soon X open day before a loan is due. Patron Admin/Circulation policies due_soon
Overdue reminder X open days after a loan has been due. Patron Admin/Circulation policies overdue
Availability notice When an item becomes at desk (or X minutes later). Patron Admin/My library availability
At desk When an item becomes at desk. Library of the pickup location Admin/My library at_desk
Recall (item not renewable) On checkout, if another patron is next on the waiting list OR when an item on loan is requested by another patron. Patron - recall
Transit notice When an item goes in transit to its owning library. Library which checked in the item Admin/My library transit_notice
Request When an on shelf item is requested. Library owning the item Admin/My library request
Booking When a check-in is performed on a requested item. Library which checked in the item Admin/My library booking

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