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Last updated: 10-08-2023


Menu: User services > Users

As stated in Data model, patron data is stored in two resources that ar managed at different levels in RERO ILS.

  1. user: The personal data / RERO+ account that is shared by all organizations.
    • This data are only visible to the librarians of an organization if the person registers as a patron or librarian in that organization.
  2. patron: The management data that is managed by each organization according to the role given to a user
    • Additional information (2nd address, additional e-mail...)
      • Patron information (barcode, reader type...)
      • Role
    • Librarian data (if applicable, affiliated libraries)
    • Other: notes, etc.

Patron authentication uses the user resource, either with the main email address or the username.

Register a patron

  1. Go to User services > Users
  2. Check that the person is not already registered in your organization
  3. Click "Add"
  4. Check if a user-account with personal data exists in the database
    • Open "Personal data" (click "Edit").
    • Use the search bar at the top of the window
    • Enter an email address or user name. The patron must have agreed to this.
    • If data exist, it is retrieved and used for this patron.
  5. Fill or update the personal data
    • Click "Save"
  6. Fill in the management data under User
  7. Choose one or more roles, which will define the user's permissions and some required fields
  8. Save


Personal data (user)

This data includes usual identification and contact data and can be edited by the patron through their account (excepted Names and Birth Date).


Field Description
Username Required. Used to log in.
Email Optional. This e-mail can be used by the patron to log in, as an alternative to the username. It enables the reader to receive notifications about their circulation activities.
Password Can be defined and changed by the patron, or generated by the professional. It must be at least 8 characters long, with at least one lowercase character, one uppercase character and one digit. Patrons with an email address can reset their password without logging in. Patrons without an email address must log in or contact their library.
Keep history If activated, the circulation history is saved for a maximum of six months. It is visible to both the user and library staff.

Management data (patron)

Field Description
Patron barcode or card number Must be unique in the organization. Is used for circulation operations.
Patron type Defines the circulation conditions granted to this person.
Communication channel Defines whether notifications are sent by e-mail or by post. When a patron deletes or adds an e-mail address to their profile, the communication channel will be updated automatically according to the presence or absence of an e-mail address.

If set to "Mail", notifications are sent to the responsible library's e-mail address for printing.
See Notification settings
Additional communication email Appears only if the communication channel is e-mail. Allows you to send a copy of all notifications to a second address. It is also possible not to enter a main e-mail, but to have an additional communication e-mail. In this case, communications will only be sent to this address (example: a child without e-mail, where notifications must be sent to parents). The additional communication e-mail is not necessarily unique, so it cannot be used to log in or reset a password!
Communication language Defines the language used for patron notifications.
Patron's expiry date Defines when the account should be automatically deactivated, for example to check information or a membership fee payment.
Affiliation libraries Required for professional users. Defines for which libraries this professional must get permissions.
Blocking Blocks checkouts, renewals and requests.
Local codes Optional, repetitive selection code for local use (statistics, search, etc.).

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