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Last updated: 31-05-2024

Patron ILL requests are managed in the User services > Interlibrary loan requests menu. This page lists the requests received with a pick-up location corresponding to the librarian's current library. It is possible to create a request for a patron from this view, and the patron can create them himself from the public interface.

In the patron account (public and professional), only ILL requests created less than six months ago are displayed, unless they still have “pending” status. For internal management, the API and the list of requests in the professional view display all ILL requests.

Requests are managed manually using the Status and Loan Status fields.

Field Description
Document information Bibliographic data identifying the requested document.
Found in Indicates the name of an external source referencing the document (e.g. another library catalog) and the document's exact URL.
Requester Patron making the request.
Pickup location Pickup location of the request. Lieu de retrait de la demande. Contains a location set as pickup location for ILL (is_ill_pickup). The library in question is responsible for processing the request.
Request status Statut of the request.
Loan status Circulation status.
Scope Defines if the request is for a document loan or a copy. If it is a copy, the requested pages must be specified.
Notes Public notes are displayed in the patron's account. Professional notes are used for management purposes.

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