Interoperability applications

Last updated: 04-06-2024

In addition to a REST API enabling full interaction with the application, RERO ILS uses web standards in a simple and transparent way, enabling it to be compatible with and adapt to external applications and tools. To set up connections with available services or propose new ones, contact your RERO ILS administrator.

Self-checkout terminals (SIP2)

The SIP2 protocol can be used to perform loan operations, making it compatible with self checkout/checkin terminals.


RERO ILS is compatible with the Babelthèque service, which allows documents in the public view to be enriched with data from Babelio: user reviews, similar documents, tags, etc. This data can be retrieved and displayed dynamically to enrich the public interface, but is not managed by RERO ILS.

The activation of this functionality for an institution requires that it has signed a contract with Babelio.

Babelio enrichments for a document in public view

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