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Last updated: 03-06-2024

RERO ILS resources

A resource is a type of entity stored in the database and/or index.

See: Data model

Access the data

RERO ILS's API are accessed with the following URL template:


Resources can be accessed via HTTP requests in the usual way, such as :

  • a web browser
  • curl or similar tools
  • your own scripts

Some resources are publicly accessible, such as documents (api/documents) or items (api/items). Others require authentication, such as patrons (api/patrons), loans (api/loans) or circulation policies (api/circ_policies). To obtain an API token for access to protected resources, contact the system administrator of your RERO ILS installation.

Data structure and indexing

Understanding data structure and indexing enables you to build queries.

See: Understanding how search works

Search examples

See: Search examples

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