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Last updated: 31-05-2024
Examples are presented by RERO ILS resource.


Query description API example Interface example
everywhere api/documents/?q=9782914593090 public / pro
by title api/documents/?q=title.\*:"Harry Potter et l’Ordre du Phénix" public / pro
by contributor/author
Note: this query includes name variants and parallel forms.
api/documents/?q=contribution.entity.\*:"Righetto, Matteo" public / pro
by IdRef identifier of a contributor api/documents/?q=contribution.entity.id_idref:027071170 public / pro
by identifier
Note: this query includes all identifier types. To search for an identifier of a specific type, use the parameter identifiers (see URL parameters).
api/documents/?q=identifiedBy.value:9782080710024 public / pro
by publisher, printing entity, place of edition, etc. (provisionActivity) api/documents/?q=provisionActivity.\*:gallimard public / pro
documents with a subfield of type "manufacture" in the Provision Activity field api/documents/?q=provisionActivity.type:"bf:Manufacture" public / pro
by ISBN api/documents/?q=isbn:9782840383994 public / pro
by ISSN api/documents/?q=issn:0041-2120 public / pro
by subject api/documents/?q=subjects.entity.\*:neuchatel public / pro
containing a RAMEAU proposition api/documents/?q=subjects.source:*roposition* public / pro
by item barcode api/documents/?q=holdings.items.barcode:10000001743 public / pro
by item call number api/documents/?q=holdings.items.call_number:"roman st" public / pro
by any call number (1st or 2nd, holdings or item) api/documents/?q=call_numbers:"614" public / pro
by a dateTime field (here, the creation date).
Note: brackets are inclusive.
api/documents/?q=_created:[2021-10-24 TO 2025-10-24] public / pro
having a file attached (any organisation) api/documents/?q=_exists_:files public / pro
having a local field (any organisation) api/documents/?q=_exists_:local_fields public / pro
containing "bibliographie" in a local field api/documents/?q=local_fields.fields.\*:bibliographie public / pro
containing "bibliographie" in local field 3 api/documents/?q=local_fields.fields.field_3:bibliographie public / pro
containing an item with "vsprat" in its local fields api/documents/?q=holdings.items.local_fields.fields.\*:vsprat public / pro
containing an item with "vsprat" in its local field 2 api/documents/?q=holdings.items.local_fields.fields.field_2:vsprat public / pro
containing an item with a temporary item type 221 api/documents/? public / pro

New acquisitions

Query description API example Interface example
new acquisitions: date range /api/documents?new_acquisition=2020-08-01:2020-09-01 public / pro
new acquisitions: from a date (no end) /api/documents?new_acquisition=2020-08-01: public / pro
new acquisitions: all time to date /api/documents?new_acquisition=:2020-09-01 public / pro
new acquisitions: last 10 days (dynamic) /api/documents?new_acquisition=now-10d/d public / pro
new acquisitions: last 3 months (dynamic) /api/documents?new_acquisition=now-3M/d public / pro
new acquisitions: last 2 years (dynamic) /api/documents?new_acquisition=now-2y/d public / pro
new acquisitions cmobined with other filters /api/documents?new_acquisition=&organisation=1&library=2 public / pro
new acquisitions combined with an expert query (subject) /api/documents?q=subjects.\*:"littérature"&new_acquisition=2020-08-01:&simple=0 public / pro
new acquisitions combined with an expert query (local field 4) /api/documents?q=holdings.items.local_fields.fields.field_4:RELIGION&new_acquisition=2020-08-01:&simple=0 public / pro

Warning: combining the new acquisitions filter with an expert search can produce unexpected results, as the query and filter are called up separately and not combined. The best way to obtain the list of new acquisitions is to use the new_acquisition filter in combination with the library or location filter. Example: /global/search/documents?new_acquisition=now-3M/d&organisation=1&library=2

Other resources

Resource queried Query description API example Interface example
item by a dateTime field (here, date of resource update).
Note: braces are exclusive.
api/items/?q=_updated:{2021-10-24 TO *} pro
item by code PAC api/items/?q=pac_code:(3_consumable OR 1_reserved) pro
item by any call number (1st or 2nd, including call numbers inherited from the holdings) api/items/?q=call_numbers:919 pro
item by a range of call numbers between "BCV TA 70000" and "BCV TA 80000" (regular expression) api/items/?q=call_number.raw:/BCV TA <70000-80000>/ pro
item masked api/items/?q=_masked:true pro
operation log all document creation operations in january 2022 api/operation_logs/?q=record.type:doc AND operation:create AND _created:[2022-01-01 TO 2022-01-31] API only
operation log all requests made on holdings (item.category:provisional filters fictive items used for holdings requests) api/operation_logs/?q=loan.item.category:provisional AND record.type:loan API only
user/patron patron by affiliation library api/patrons/? pro
user/patron librarian (professionnal user) by library api/patrons/? pro
user/patron blocked api/patrons/?q=patron.blocked:true pro
user/patron whose zip code starts with 19 and has two other digits (regular expression)
Note: regular expressions are possible per token (and not on the whole field) in the case of "text" mapping.
api/patrons/?q=postal_code:/19[0-9]{2}/ pro
loan all loans currently in transit api/loans/?q=state:(ITEM_IN_TRANSIT_TO_HOUSE OR ITEM_IN_TRANSIT_FOR_PICKUP) API only

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