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Last updated: 03-08-2023

Create an order

Menu Acquisitions > Orders

An order can contain several order lines. It can be sent to a vendor and go through one or more receipts.

Fields Description
Vendor Bookshop or other company to which the order will be sent.
Reference Order identification number or code. It is generated automatically if the field is left empty.
Type Type of order.
Note Note, either internal or sent to the vendor when the order is dispatched.

Create order lines

Order lines are added from the order detailed view. An order line is always associated to a document and an acquisition account.

Field Description
Acquisition account Account linked to the order line. It will be updated (engaged and spent amounts, etc.) according to the amount of the line.
Document Link to a document in the catalog.
Priority Order line priority from 0 (low priority) to 5 (high priority).
Amount Estimated amount of the copy, to allow assessment of the engaged amounts in the budget. The final amount will be determined at receipt time.
Note Note, either internal, or sent to the vendor when the order is sent, or for librarians only.
Cancelled Allows you to mark a line as cancelled while keeping a trace of it.

Send the order

From an order detailed view:

  1. Select Place order
  2. A preview of the order is displayed
  3. select recipients, copies, etc. By default, Send to: Address in vendor contact (type default contact), Copy to and Send replies to: Address in library acquisition settings (default acquisition settings).

Receiving the order

When documents are delivered, the order must be received in the system:

  1. Open Acquisitions > Orders
  2. Search for the order (title, reference, vendor, date, etc.)
  3. Open the order
  4. Add a receipt ("Receipt tab")
  5. Complete the receipt
  6. Save. The amounts shown then appear in the "Expenditure" column of the accounts view.
Field Description
Reference Order receipt identification number or code. It is generated automatically if the field is left blank.
Date of receipt Date of receipt.
Order lines Documents received with actual prices. If VAT is indicated, it is added to the price entered and to the account's expenditures.
Fees, discounts and other adjustments Amounts that apply globally to the invoice, such as shipping costs or discounts (enter negative values).
Notes Receipt or billing notes.

Order delivered in multiple shipments

Two variants are possible in this case:

  1. a receipt is created in the system on the first delivery, and is updated on subsequent deliveries.
  2. a receipt is created in the system for each delivery, with its own reference number and a different date.

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