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Last updated: 31-05-2024

Patron account

The patron account is accessed through the User services menu.

  • In Checkout/check-in: by entering a patron barcode or name.
  • In Users: by searching for the patron and clicking Circulation.

The patron account can always be directly opened with the URL: /professional/circulation/patron/[barcode].

Account elements

  • Top : Patron information
    • Click on the name to edit the information.
    • Click on the cross to go back to the general circulation interface.
  • On loan : List of items on loan. Can also be used to perform a checkout, check-in or renewal
  • To pick up : List of items ready to be picked up
  • Pending : List of pending requested items
  • Interlibrary loan : List of ILL requests that are “pending” or have been made in the last six months
  • Profile: Patron's personal data
  • Fees: Engaged fees, provisional fees (for items currently on loan) and fees history
  • History: Loans history

Fees management

Fees are managed in the patron account, Fees tab. Three sections are displayed:

  • Engaged fees: confirmed fees, which can be paid directly. Generated by circulation policies or added manually. They appear in the public patron profile's Fees tab.
  • Overde preview fees: scheduled late fees, for loans that are overdue and have not yet been returned or renewed. These fees only exist if a circulation policy defines iterative late fees per day and per document. They cannot yet be paid and they appear in the public patron profile's Loans tab. They will be converted into engaged fees on item renewal or check-in.
  • History: history of paid or cancelled fees.

Depending on your settings, there may be two types of late fees:

  1. Fees associated with a reminder or due notification. These are generated only when the notification in question is sent.
  2. Iterative late fees, per day and per document. These are generated when a late loan is returned or renewed, but the expected amount is displayed under Expected late fee. These fees are calculated according to the number of days an item has been late. They are not iterated on days when the library is closed.

In addition, various types of fees can be manually added to the patron account from the circulation interface. This feature makes it possible to record charges owed by a reader but which are not necessarily linked to a loan, such as item damage, photocopying, membership fees, etc. These charges are always linked to the library of the professional who added them.

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