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Last updated: 03-08-2023

Templates are reusable resource editors (cataloging grids) with specific fields that can be pre-filled. They save time when managing standard resources. They are available for the following resources:

  • Document
  • Holdings
  • Item
  • Patron

Use a template

  1. Create a resource to open the editor and click "Load template..."
  2. Use the menu Admin > Templates, choose the template and click "Use" (). Only document and patron templates can be used this way, as they are not linked to any other resource.

Create a template

  1. Open an editor by creating a resource
  2. Fill in the fields that you want in your template
  3. Click on the arrow next to the "Save" button and select Save as template...

Edit a template

A template's name, description and visibility can be modified from the template list in the menu Admin > Templates

To edit a template's content, a new one must be created:

  1. Choose the template to edit from the list in Admin > Templates
  2. Click "Use" ()
  3. Edit the fields as needed
  4. Click on the arrow next to the "Save" button and select Save as template... This will create a new template.
  5. Delete the previous template if you don't need it anymore.

Visibility: public and private templates

  • Private templates are visible only for the template creator (and full permissions librarians). By default, a template is saved in private mode.
  • Public templates are visible to all librarians in the organization. Only full permissions librarians can create them.

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