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Last updated: 03-08-2023

Menu Acquisitions > Budgets

Budgets are not managed through the interface but by a system administrator. A budget corresponds to the current fiscal year. The active budget is determined in the organization's parameters.

Field Description
Budget name Usually, the fiscal year. Example: 2022.
Start date Start of budget period. Example: 01.01.2022
End date End of budget period. Example: 31.12.2022
Active The active budget is defined in the organization settings. Only one budget can be active at a time. Accounts are managed exclusively according to the current active budget.

Acquisition settings

See Administration > Libraries > Acquisition settings


When a new fiscal year begins, a new budget must be created and existing resources transferred to it. This process is manage by the RERO ILS system administrator in consultation with the system librarians or acquisitions managers in the organizations.

With the default option, the rollover performs the following operations:

  • Creation and activation of a new budget, and deactivation of the old budget.
  • Accounts, with their amounts and structure are duplicated in the new budget.
  • Accounts, orders and order lines linked to the old budget can be viewed, but can no longer be modified.
  • Order lines that were not in "received" or "cancelled" status are transferred to the new budget. Note that orders that were "partially received" have become "ordered", as only non-received order lines have been transfered.

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