Keyboard shortcuts

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Last updated: 28-07-2023

In the professional interface, keyboard shortcuts enable you to switch quickly from one view to another. Mastering them can greatly optimize the efficiency of certain professional tasks.

Global shortcuts

The following shortcuts can be used in any view of the professional interface.

Action Key Mnemonic
Show the available shortcuts ? -
Lose focus on the current field Esc -
Set focus on the header search input ⇧ + / -
Open the global help page h H for Help
Open the patron search page p P for Patrons
Open the circulation checkin interface c C for Circulation
Open the main requests page r R for Requests
Open the item inventory list i I for Inventory

Shortcuts in the patron account

The following shortcuts can only be used in the patron account view. They are used to scroll through the tabs.

Action Touche(s)
"Checkin/Checkout" tab ⇧ + 1
"Pickup" tab ⇧ + 2
"Pending" tab ⇧ + 3
"Profile" tab ⇧ + 4
"Fees" tab ⇧ + 5
"History" tab ⇧ + 6

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