What is RERO ILS

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Last updated: 07-05-2024

RERO ILS is an integrated library system for the computerized management of day-to-day library activities (document acquisition, lending, cataloguing and search). RERO ILS is especially well suited to organized library networks. In addition to its professional features, RERO ILS offers a user-friendly public interface allowing users to browse the catalog, search for documents and manage their loans, requests and renewals.


Consortial admnistration

RERO ILS manages library networks on several levels. Organizations, each comprising one or more libraries, can work on a shared database, enabling them to share one bibliographic data pool. Each organization and each library can configure the system as it sees fit.

Consortial structure in a RERO ILS install

Cataloguing and serial management

Document editor

A modern, comprehensive cataloguing editor allows you to describe any type of document in compliance with current standards (RDA), while a serial module offers a fine-grained management of periodicals, predictions, subscriptions and issues.

Online catalog

The library catalog in RERO ILS provides simple yet powerful search and filter features. It can accommodate any type of document, including from external platforms (e-books, databases, etc.). Each organization (independent library or network) has its own catalog view, with its own custom look.

Document circulation

The circulation module can carry out all the operations required by libraries: check-ins, check-outs, requests, interlibrary loans, patron management, all in a fast and ergonomic web interface.

Data exchange and openness

Bibliographic data is stored in JSON format and generally follows the Bibframe model. A powerful API can be used to interact with the database, notably query its data, export it or use it in other applications.

Development and source code

RERO ILS is developed by the RERO+ Foundation in Martigny (Switzerland), with the support of Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium). The app is open source and its source code is available on Github.

Web client

RERO ILS is a cloud service, which requires no installation on the client's side. It can be accessed with any web browser. This architecture has several key benefits:

  • Compatibility with any operating system ( Windows, MacOS, Linux…).
  • No user-side installation required.
  • Server-side updates.
  • Reduced resource requirements (disk space and memory) for the user.

Using the demo website